Step 4 – Claim PDUs from REPs

PDUs from REPs (PMI Registered Education Providers) are great for renewing your PMP because if a course or video is listed in PMI’s CCRS system, then that PDU is pre-approved. The tricky part is that most REPs charge for their PDUs or give you only a few for free. Click one of the following links to access our favorite free PMI-approved REP courses or videos.

Here are a few things to know about PDUs from REPs listed in CCRS (formerly known as “Category A PDUs”): 

  • If your certification expires before Dec 1, 2017, you need at least 30 education PDUs, but you can earn 30 PDUs from non-REP education such as reading books (see Step 2);
  • If your certification expires on or after Dec 1, 2017, you need at least 35 education PDUs, and only 30 of these can be from non-REP education, so you will need to claim at least 5 PDUs from courses or videos from REPs listed in CCRS;
  • You could claim all 60 of your PDUs from REP activities, but most people find it quicker and easier to first earn as many PDUs as allowed in the previous steps (e.g. Step 2: claim up to 30 PDUs reading books and Step 3: claim up to 8 or 15 PDUs for working).
  • Some education providers make it appear that their course qualifies as a PDU from a REP when it actually only counts for a PDU from non-REP education (which is limited to 30 PDUs per renewal). The only way to know for sure if a course or video counts as PDUs from REPs is to find it listed as an activity in CCRS. only recommends free courses or videos that are listed in CCRS such as those from
  • When you claim Education PDUs, you must report how many hours (PDUs) were spent on each of the 3 categories of PMI’s Talent Triangle (Technical PM skills, Leadership skills, or Strategic & Business Management skills). You need at least 8 PDUs from each of these 3 categories, but if you already met these minimums through reading books (see Step 2), the minimums for the Talent Triangle won’t matter in this Step.

There are other ways to claim PDUs such as for volunteer service to the profession, but we don’t bother with these as they are harder to claim and provide supporting evidence for, which is why we recommend just claiming PDUs from REPs, reading books (max. 30), and working (max. 8 or 15).

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